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A leader is one

“A leader is one, who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

In the present competitive job market, finding top talent has become increasingly challenging. As businesses reopen and seek to invest in new talent, it is essential to employ effective hiring practices to attract the right candidates.

At Cornerstone Group, an esteemed international executive search firm in India, we understand the significance of executive recruitment for senior and confidential positions. Leveraging our global reach and extensive network, we have access to a vast pool of exceptional candidates.

Our proactive recruitment approach, coupled with our expertise as one of the leading Executive Search firms in India, sets us apart in the industry. We mainly target individuals who are not actively seeking new opportunities, not exploring job postings, and not circulating their resumes. This enables us to identify and approach the best-suited individuals for the role, ensuring a high-caliber selection process.

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Undestanding Position

Understanding The Position

This involves a detailed discussion about a 360-degree understanding of the role, expectations/KRAs, ideal candidate profile, etc.

Mapping Position

Specific competencies including job title, principal accountabilities, Key Result Areas, authority, external/internal contacts, reporting and supervisory relationships, working Conditions /environment, job specifications, approximate compensation, location, and other relevant details.

Search target plan

Search Target Plan

Develop a list of Target Industries/Companies and relevant people in these companies.

First shortlist

The First Shortlist

Based on the profile mapping, an initial list of target candidates is drawn. The most promising candidates from various sources and our database are presented as a comprehensive target list.



We will evaluate them to determine a profile match with the job and understand the suitability and interest of the candidates. This may include a technical assessment of candidates.



Cornerstone will arrange interviews between the shortlisted candidates with your representatives and prepare a detailed resume and evaluation summary for the most appropriate candidates to facilitate the interview process.

Psychometric tests

Psychometric Tests

Any proprietary psychometric test requested by the client will be used, and a professional will interpret the findings in light of fitment.

Reference checks

Reference Checks

Cornerstone will conduct detailed references on the final candidate(s) you wish to hire before the offer is formally extended, should you so require.



Cornerstone will conduct detailed references on the final candidate(s) you wish to hire before the offer is formally extended, should you so require.



Our tailored onboarding process in collaboration with our trusted associate partner, Prime Genesis is delivered through professionals specifically trained in onboarding methodologies and coaching tools & practices.

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Onboarding Services

The ever-revolving power door of the CEO is a top concern today. Effective leadership is priceless and makes a remarkable difference to organizational performance, and likewise, frequent failures at leading positions may spell doom. It is here that effective onboarding comes to the rescue.

Did you know that according to a study conducted by Prime Genesis, 40% of new leaders experience failure within the first 18 months? Surprisingly, these failures often stem from similar challenges, including organizational dynamics, role clarity, personal adjustments, learning curves, relationship-building, delivery expectations, and adaptation.

Onboarding Services
New Leader Fail

Let’s Understand Why New Leaders Fail

A New leader is often upbeat about new roles but seldom with a plan, so the deck is already stacked. Various surveys indicate the huge failure rates in the first 18 months of tenure. The common reasons can be summed up as the following:

At Cornerstone, we recognize the criticality of effective onboarding in mitigating these risks. Our Onboarding Services, in collaboration with our trusted partner PrimeGenesis, are designed to ensure the success of newly onboarded leaders. By implementing our proven process, we strive to minimize the failure rate and maximize leadership potential.

PrimeGenesis has successfully reduced the failure rate from 40% to less than 10%, and we believe this level of success is attainable for all organizations. Our comprehensive onboarding approach addresses key areas of concern, equips leaders with the necessary tools and support, and facilitates a smooth transition into their new roles.

With Cornerstone’s Onboarding Services and the expertise of PrimeGenesis, organizations can confidently navigate the challenges that new leaders face, setting them up for success and minimizing the risk of failure. Let us help you unlock the potential of your leadership talent and drive organizational excellence.

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Why work with executive search firms?
An executive search firm services give you access to a sizable and continuously expanding pool of possible hires. They also allow utilizing their knowledge of the industry, function, role, demographics, and geographic locations to help you define and present the role in a way that will bring in and secure the top candidates.
What role does an executive search firm serve?
An organization may use executive search, a specialized form of hiring meant to bring in highly qualified senior management talent, especially the CXO executive search e.g., CEO, CFO, COO, HRD, CIO, and numerous other essential strategic roles are frequently filled with it.
What benefit does using an executive search consultant provide?
Discretion and Confidentiality are guaranteed while working with an executive search firm. This enables a smooth transition and ensures the security of a crucial commercial connection for your organization.
Retained vs Contingent Search
Retained search refers to a recruitment model where a search firm is exclusively engaged by a client to fill a specific position, typically for executive-level or specialized roles, while contingent search involves multiple firms competing to fill a position with the firm that presents the selected candidate being paid a fee.