Jayant Dhodre

Jayant Dhodre-Client Engagement Manager

Mr. Jayant Dhodre

Designation: Client Engagement Manager

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Jayant is a seasoned HR professional based at our Pune office with over 16 years of cross-cultural experience. He brings a wealth of expertise in pursuing senior-level roles in talent acquisition for growth-driven organizations. Jayant’s proficiency lies in manpower planning, talent acquisition, and evaluating and optimizing processes to enhance organizational effectiveness and employee potential.

Jayant possesses extensive knowledge and experience in managing HR operations across diverse industries, including aviation, automotive, EPC, power, infrastructure, steel, cement, mining, defence, and aerospace. He has played an integral role in talent acquisition and leadership hiring across these industries, consistently demonstrating his ability to identify, engage, and secure top talent.

Previous Experience

Jayant has established a distinguished career with renowned organizations such as PIX Transmissions Ltd., Abhijeet Group, Varroc Group, and Solar Group. Throughout his 16-year tenure, he has spearheaded the talent acquisition function and leadership hiring initiatives, consistently delivering exceptional results and exceeding recruitment goals across diverse industries. His deep understanding of the recruitment process and his ability to adapt strategies to specific industry requirements have made him an invaluable asset to these organizations.

Academics and Interests

Jayant holds a Master of Business Administration from ICFAI University and a Bachelor’s degree from Nagpur University. He currently resides in Pune.

Jayant’s strengths lie in stakeholder management, his unwavering optimism, and his “never say no” attitude. He is an avid biker who enjoys exploring new destinations and engaging in adventurous activities like trekking and rafting.

Functional Expertise: Automotive, Aviation, EPC, Power, Infrastructure, Steel, Cement, Mining, Défence

Industry Expertise: Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Industrial, Consumer & technology