Dr. Amjad Khan

Dr. Amjad Khan Director

Dr. Amjad Khan

Designation: Director

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Dr. Amjad Khan is a seasoned management professional based at our Pune office. His primary aim is to build a strong Industrial, manufacturing, Automotive, and board search practice.

He comes with over 25 years of cross-cultural experience in corporates covering human resource and the management consulting domain. Throughout his distinguished career, he has consistently demonstrated a remarkable ability to foster sustained organizational growth, establish robust structures, enhance employee value, and steer vision towards achieving critical strategic goals.

His deep understanding of various industries, including automobile and engineering, consumer durables, FMCG, and pharmaceuticals, has empowered him to manage HR operations with expertise and efficiency. His in-depth grasp of business, technology, systems, and processes has facilitated the swift and effective delivery of HR services across diverse organizational setups, including corporate/business environments, greenfield/brownfield projects, manufacturing facilities, R&D centres, sales and marketing divisions, and service support functions.

Previous Experience

Dr. Khan’s impressive professional journey has taken him to renowned organizations like Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, PepsiCo, Eaton Corporation, Skoda Auto, CEAT Ltd, and Varroc Group. Over the past two decades, he has consistently led talent acquisition and leadership hiring functions, consistently delivering exceptional results, and exceeding the ambitious hiring goals of these organizations.

A natural progression in his career path, Dr. Khan transitioned into the executive search and leadership consulting domain in December 2019. With his astute understanding of the industry landscape and his ability to identify and engage top talent, he has spearheaded the acquisition of key clients and delivered on complex search mandates.

Academics and Interests

Dr. Khan’s academic qualifications are equally impressive. He earned his PhD in Management from RTM Nagpur University in 2018, with his research focused on the employability of engineers. In 1999, he completed his MBA in HR, following his graduation in English Literature in 1997.

Dr. Khan has actively contributed to various engineering and management institutes as a guest faculty and speaker, sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring professionals. His passion for education extends to his collaboration with YCMOU as an industry representative in developing the degree course, BSc in Industrial Science, under the guidance of the late Vice Chancellor, Dr. Krishnakumar.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Amjad Khan is a driven individual with an unwavering “Never Say Die” attitude and a deep-seated belief in his capabilities. His passion for life extends to literature and music, with unwavering enthusiasm for both.

Functional Expertise: CEO, COO, CFO, Managing Director, Independent Director, CHRO, Sales & Marketing, Finance, R&D, Product Development

Industry Expertise: Engineering, Automotive, Auto Components, Electric Vehicles, Industrial, Consumer Durables, Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing.