How HR Can Play A Larger Role In Top Talent Management

HR role in top talent management

How HR Can Play A Larger Role In Top Talent Management

HR teams play a crucial role in the top talent management process, and there are several effective approaches they can take to gain more visibility and enhance their impact. Here are eight strategies from Forbes Human Resources Council members:

1. Align Processes And Outcomes: HR should align talent development processes and outcomes with business objectives. This involves actively managing and developing top talent to ensure they are well-equipped to lead and contribute to the organization’s success.

2. Lead a Quarterly 9-Block Grid Exercise: HR can take the lead in conducting a quarterly nine-block grid exercise. This exercise provides valuable insights into how top talent is managed and enables HR to develop robust plans for succession, development, and improvement.

3. Initiate a Regular Check-In Process: To monitor top talent’s performance and engagement, HR should encourage regular check-ins between talent and management, mentors, or HR representatives. Consistent communication ensures talent is aligned with organizational goals.

4. Let The Process Grow And Develop: HR teams must continuously monitor and evaluate their talent management process, making adjustments as needed. This ensures that top talent is attracted, retained, engaged, and continuously developed.

5. Connect and Collaborate with leaders: HR teams should establish strong connections and collaborations with department leaders to ensure a unified approach to talent management throughout the organization.

6. Coach leaders: HR plays a crucial role in guiding and coaching leaders on talent development. By providing expertise and support, HR helps leaders support their teams effectively and foster a high-performing workforce.

7. Appreciate And Assess Skills: Assessing the skill sets of top talent allows managers to set expectations and create roadmaps for optimizing their contributions. Identifying stretch assignments can also promote cross-functional collaboration and growth.

8. Build Relationships With Top Talent: HR should proactively build relationships with top talent and their supervisors. Open communication and feedback from both parties enable HR to better understand their needs and aspirations.