Coaching Corner: Is this the right job for me?

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Coaching Corner: Is this the right job for me?

A recent Microsoft study found that 41% of the global workforce is considering leaving their positions due to pandemic-related uncertainties. Instead of immediately leaving your job, consider these pointers to assess job fit and find satisfaction:

1. Concentrate on possibilities: List what makes your job worth keeping and what characteristics would make it great for you. Focus on positive aspects to re-energize your perspective.
2. Evaluate your list: Analyze your priorities and discuss your thoughts with advisors or colleagues to define your goals.
3. Check for possible changes: Explore if your job responsibilities can be adjusted to align with your interests and goals. Discuss options with your superiors.
4. Consider external options: Explore opportunities in other organizations that align with your interests and values.

For organizations:

1. Regularly interact with direct reports to understand their satisfaction and learning goals.
2. Consider horizontal moves or job rotations to foster skill development and innovation.
3. Overcome obstacles in leadership and company culture that may hinder employee satisfaction.
4. Invest in employee growth through formal education and training.
5. Assist employees who don’t fit by helping them find suitable roles outside the organization.

Properly addressing job fit can lead to increased productivity, dedication, and overall company success.

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